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Product nameCategory
Apples £3.95/1KgFruit
Avocado £1.70Exotics
Bananas £2.95/1KgFruit
Beetroot £1.95/1KgRoot vegetables
Broccoli - Purple sprouting £3.75/500gOther Vegetables
Broccoli - White sprouting £3.75/500gOther Vegetables
Cabbage - Red £1.55Leafy Green Vegetables
Cabbage - White Round £1.45Leafy Green Vegetables
Calabrese £2.95Other Vegetables
Carrots £1.85/1KgRoot vegetables
Cauliflower - White £1.95Other Vegetables
Celery £1.95Salad, herbs and spices
Chard Rainbow £1.45/250gLeafy Green Vegetables
Chestnut Mushrooms £1.65/200gExotics
Claytonia £1.50/150gSalad, herbs and spices
Clementines £3.45/750gFruit
Coriander £1.10/30gSalad, herbs and spices
Courgettes - green £2.95/500gOther Vegetables
Cucumber - Long £1.55Salad, herbs and spices
Garlic £2.40/200gSalad, herbs and spices
Ginger £2.49/200gSalad, herbs and spices
Grapefruit £1.40Fruit
Greens, Winter £1.45Leafy Green Vegetables
Kale - Green Curly £1.45/200gLeafy Green Vegetables
Kiwi Fruit £2.85/450gFruit
Large Vegetable Selection £17.00Vegetable boxes
Laydilay Devon Eggs/Half doz Large £2.40Local products
Laydilay Devon Eggs/Half doz med £2.15Local products
Laydilay Mayonnaise £3.10Local products
Laydilay Meringues £2.70Local products
Lemons £2.35/400gFruit
Lettuce - Green Batavian £1.95Salad, herbs and spices
Limes £0.95Fruit
Medium Vegetable Selection £14.00Vegetable boxes
Mini Vegetable Selection £9.00Vegetable boxes
Mixed fruit bag £7.50Fruit
Mustard Greens £1.35/100gSalad, herbs and spices
Onions - Red £2.20/1KgRoot vegetables
Onions - Salad/Bunch £1.55Salad, herbs and spices
Onions £1.75/1KgRoot vegetables
Oranges £3.45/1KgFruit
Parsley - Curled £1.10/50gSalad, herbs and spices
Parsnip £1.99/1KgRoot vegetables
Pears £2.75/500gFruit
Peppers - red romano £1.45Exotics
Potatoes - Cosmos £1.35/1KgRoot vegetables
Potatoes - Desiree £1.50/1KgRoot vegetables
Radish £1.30Salad, herbs and spices
Rocket £1.35/100gSalad, herbs and spices
Sage £1.10/15gSalad, herbs and spices
Salad - mixed leaf £2.00/120gSalad, herbs and spices
Small Vegetable Selection £11.00Vegetable boxes
Spinach bag £1.75Leafy Green Vegetables
Stir-fry bag £1.75Leafy Green Vegetables
Sweet Potatoes £3.75/750gRoot vegetables
Thyme £1.10/15gSalad, herbs and spices
Tomatoes - Red Cherry £1.95/250gExotics
Tomatoes £2.75/500gExotics
Turmeric £1.80/100gSalad, herbs and spices